Roman Pavlyuchenko

Roman Pavlyuchenko was born in Mostovskoy, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. For extraordinary performances than other footballers of Russia, he was widely regarded as one professional football player among the top 10 footballers of all time. Prior turned to be a member of Spartak Moscow, he began his playing career at Dynamo Stavropol. In 2008, he transferred to Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League at the sky-high price £13.7 million. Besides Dynamo Stavropol, he also starred in Spartak Moscow, Rotor Volgograd, Spartak Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Kuban Krasnodar, Ural Yekaterinburg and Ararat Moscow.

Roman Pavlyuchenko

In Aug. 2003, he accomplished first appearance in Russian football shirt. As one of the mostly chosen footballers of Russia, he won 21 goals in 51 matches, obtaining supports and respects of numerous football fans, football lovers and spectators from all over the world. On 2013, he decided to end his legendary football playing career. During his whole playing career, football brought him both sadness and joys.

Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev was born in Vidnoye, Soviet Union on Apr. 8, 1986. As a professional goalkeeper and captain for both PFC CSKA Moscow and the Russia national team, he was widely taken as one of outstanding footballers of Russia, obtaining great achievements in minor tournaments and major international matches. Having took entire club career with CSKA, he played for CSKA more than 500 times, winning Russian Cups for six times and the UEFA Cup in 2005.

igor akinfeev

From 2004, he played for Russian national football team for 100 times, being one of mostly selected footballers in Russian squad. In 2017, he captained the Russian national football team in Mar. 2017. On Mar. 27, he got injured at a European qualifier. Due to a flare pitched from crowd, the game was canceled after Akinfeev was taken to a Podgorica hospital. Although as goalkeeper, he made great achievements for Russia national football team. Competitive advantages on football fields are also critical factors for his success. He turned to be model for many young football player.

Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium, known as earlier Central Lenin Stadium, was an old and famous stadium built in 1955 and 1956. After greatly increased overall national strengths and aspiration of advancing infrastructure of Soviet Union, the famous stadium of previous Soviet Union was constructed to show its post-war strong national strength at the 1952 Olympics. It was after 450 calendar days that the grand stadium was finished and officially opened on Jul. 31, 1956. Served as a main stadium of the 1980 Olympic Games, it hold many important sports event, such as opening and closing ceremonies, football finals and equestrian programme.

It is was in Luzhniki Stadium that a severe trampling event happened during the second round UEFA Cup match. Aiming at catch metro several seconds before the rest spectators, some of them hurried to rush to exits. 66 people were deprived of their lives in the disaster. Before construction of roof over the stands and refurbishment of seating areas, it could accommodate more spectators prior to that refurbishment.

Valeriy Karpin


Valeriy Karpin was born in Narva, Estonia on Feb. 2, 1969. As an extraordinary excellent footballer of Russian national football team, he capped for Russian at many minor tournaments and international matches. He has won many accolades and trophies for Russian national football team and several famous football clubs, including Fakel Voronezh, Spartak Moscow, Real Sociedad, Valencia CF and Celta Vigo.

Valeriy Karpin

On the basis of of competitive advantages, consistency, stamina, control ability and dynamic ability, he starred in the Russian national football team, winning 17 goals in 72 matches. There are many reports, news and classic scenes about him on the internet. After ended his playing career, he was appointed as the leader of Spartak Moscow. In Apr. 2009, he became an acting manager of the club, taking the place of Sergei Shavlo. Prior to be relieved his duties, he was a coach of the club. After end of managerial career, he turned to be an analysts with Match TV. And then he was named as the chief editor of the channel, broadcasting latest news on football fields and interpreting the real-time conditions of major international competitions.

Football in Russia

Football is on the top list of popular sports in China. After broke up of the integral sports structure, previous national football team and famous clubs turned to be private institutions, ended the public era of many sports institutions and clubs. Same with other spheres of the country, development of sports industry experienced great change, undermining the overall strength of Russia national football team. Many top brand football clubs have to seek financial support from outside world after the broken of financial chain from government.

The Russian national football team went back to vision of public as they defeated Netherlands national football team prior to losing to finally champions Spain squad. With Russia football industry progresses, a large number of football clubs are established and grown into a celebrated club with international effects. Besides powerful overall national strength, Russia is also a country equipped with strong strength in sports. Virtuous circulation of sports industry is a factor of the booming of football.