Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev was born in Vidnoye, Soviet Union on Apr. 8, 1986. As a professional goalkeeper and captain for both PFC CSKA Moscow and the Russia national team, he was widely taken as one of outstanding footballers of Russia, obtaining great achievements in minor tournaments and major international matches. Having took entire club career with CSKA, he played for CSKA more than 500 times, winning Russian Cups for six times and the UEFA Cup in 2005.

igor akinfeev

From 2004, he played for Russian national football team for 100 times, being one of mostly selected footballers in Russian squad. In 2017, he captained the Russian national football team in Mar. 2017. On Mar. 27, he got injured at a European qualifier. Due to a flare pitched from crowd, the game was canceled after Akinfeev was taken to a Podgorica hospital. Although as goalkeeper, he made great achievements for Russia national football team. Competitive advantages on football fields are also critical factors for his success. He turned to be model for many young football player.

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